Spirit of Brazil

Founded with the spirit of Brazil at its center, Copacabana Beachwear prides itself on creating pieces that celebrate the beauty of Brazilian  culture and art.  In everything we do, we work to achieve the highest standards of craftsmanship, originality, and sustainability.  It is our desire to be true to our Latin American roots and incorporate all Brazil has to offer in making our pieces.


When you buy a Copacabana swimsuit, you buy a carefully crafted piece made to give you the best fit possible.  All our swimwear is made using the super soft amni echo soul fabric. Our swimsuits are built with 4 way stretch fabric, which allows for our customers to not only feel sexy but comfortable in their own skin due to the better fit 4 ways stretch fabric allows. 

When you buy a Copacabana golden grass bag,

you are buying a true work of art.  Each Copacabana golden grass bag is crafted to be the highest quality possible.  Woven by hand, each bag is a labor of love evidenced in the intricate details and the unique designs - no two bags are alike.  


Each of Copacabana’s pieces are designed with originality in mind.  Each swimsuit is adjustable, giving our customers the freedom to customize their fit to best suit their own body. We want to give our customers as much freedom as possible to be creative with their swimsuits - you decide the style that best fits you.  

All of Copacabana accessories are carefully crafted by talented artisans in Brazil.  Our golden grass bags are hand woven using grass that grows in the rural countryside of North Brazil.  Because each bag is handmade, each is an original piece.  No two are the same.

Our Copacabana cover ups are handmade using a local technique called Filé Lace, made in cotton yarn. The talented artists spend days weaving our coverups, dedicating hours to crafting the fine details that make each coverup a genuine one of a kind.  To represent the vibrancy of Brazilian culture, the cover ups are always bright and colorful.

Finally, our Copacabana jewelry is made to represent the natural beauty of Brazil.  All materials used come straight from the heart of Brazil.  Our necklaces are made using natural seeds and our rings are crafted with natural stones from the Amazon Rainforest.  Each piece is a genuine one of a kind. 


At Copacabana, sustainability is our number one priority.  Sustainability is a cycle - everything can be repurposed.  For many years, the fashion industry has heavily contributed to waste.  However, at Copacabana, it is our goal to be at the forefront of changing that.  Sustainability is our number one priority in everything we do.

For instance, our factory strives to be sustainable and ethical by reducing and reusing water in dying fabrics.  Also, all left-over fabrics are turn into pet beds to be donated to local shelters.  Nothing is wasted, and the cycle of sustainability continues on.

But sustainability also means bringing more attention to work done by local artists in our communities.  For example, our golden grass bags are entirely handmade by artisans in North Brazil.  When the harvest time comes, these talented artists travel for 3 hours on the back of open truck, about 20 of them to the rural countryside where they camp out with whole family for days where the golden grass grows.  They spend days picking the grass and replanting the new seeds to continue the cycle, all this is done singing and keeping the culture alive.  Once the grass has been collected, it stays on a protect are with no sun light to dry and not lose its shine. After they spend hours upon hours carefully crafting each bag.  Each bag is a unique work of art and take days to be done.  But also, each bag is responsible for preserving these communities in Brazil.  Selling one bag can send someone to college or provide the foundation for new communities to grow.  That’s why they call these bags golden grass bags.  They embody everything it means to be sustainable.

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