I am a woman on a mission and I want you to join me!

I am a woman on a mission and I want you to join me!

Every woman should feel amazing wearing swimwear, no matter size or stage of life, we are beautiful and blessed with powerful bodies. The moment we learn to appreciate that we change the view about ourselves!

I believe in the concept of loving yourself and your body for who you are today and all the amazing things you have done in that body and I will constantly encourage daily healthy habits, not just physical but also mental.

My name is Hellen I am a mom of 2, I am Brazilian and my body is perfect!
It has a belly, cellulite and, thick thighs, and that’s perfect for me. Those are marks of honor and they show I’ve lived a full life.

Copacabana Beachwear to me is an opportunity to use the over fifteen years of experience I have in the fashion industry including big names like Adidas Rip Curl and Billabong. All that experience has given me the knowledge and know-how to now start my passion project of Copacabana.

I notice a huge boom in plus size lately and most of the swimwear brands still catering to size 0, but how about the woman in the middle? The real woman?
I am definitely not a size 0 nor plus size.

Is that you?
I believe most women are in the middle, and yet it is not the focus of the industry. I think there are perfect fits and styles for those bodies that just aren’t focused on enough. I am crazy about fit and I am committed to always listening to what people need and want and continually improve.

From tags to fabric, to bags and jewelry all materials are eco-friendly. Copacabana uses AMNI ECO SOUL a super soft fabric allowing great fit and a partnership with Mama Nature.

Our factory is sustainable and ethical, which means less waste, less water usage (also re-use) and all employees have a fair rate and safe place to work. Our factory also is #zerowaste, all leftover fabrics are used to make pet beds, the pet beds are donated to local shelters.
Are you ready to be a #copagirl and love your uniquely you and perfect body?

Then join me!


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